The Last Flight of Bomber 31, 1x60 (C4/PBS NOVA) Director, Parallax Film Productions

During World War II, an air battle between American and Japanese pilots plays out above the Bering Sea. Known as riders of the Empire Express, the American PV1 bombers fly from the Aleutians to bomb Japanese targets in the Kuril Islands. This perilous run was a 1,500 miles round trip-nine hours of flying-in subzero temperatures.

On March 25, 1944, seven Navy airmen took off from the Aleutian island of Attu in Bomber 31-and vanished. Fifty-five years later, the plane’s wreckage was discovered in one of the most remote regions on Earth, Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula. Tom Rains, the son of one of the missing crew, joins a crash investigator and forensic archaeologists as they try to find the remains of his father and the six other crew amongst the wreckage.

“Yesterday’s programme told this story with great power and respect. A moving and highly civilised tribute to the dead men.” Daily Telegraph

“This thoughtful and at times touching programme” Daily Mail choice 4 stars

“This poignant investigation: Radio Times Today’s Choice

“This engrossing film” Daily Express

“Viewers conditioned to neat upbeat resolutions might want to check those expectations at the door” Los Angeles Times

“NOVA’s ...simple, stripped down style busts up the History Channel’s WW2 monopoly” Entertainment Weekly

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